Recognizing the Signs of a Slow Tire Leak

Slow tire leaks occur when a small amount of air is released from the tire over time, leading to complications like the dreaded flat tire. Tire punctures are common, especially in Fairfield County, CT; where we have to deal with bumps, cracks, debris, potholes and uneven paving. That’s why it is crucial to pay attention to the condition of your tires and take action when something feels off.

Signs of a Slow Tire Leak

Your Tire Pressure Light Turns On

It’s important to pay attention to your dashboard. Think of it as your car's way of asking for help. And these days, most vehicles are made with tire pressure sensors built in; also referred to as your TPMS. So when your tire pressure light comes on, don’t ignore it until you're stranded with a flat. Bring your car to get inspected and fix a slow tire leak before it becomes a bigger problem.

Learn more about your TPMS

Your Tires Show Uneven Wear Pattern

If you're a Wilton, CT resident, pay attention to your dashboard's warning signals, especially the tire pressure light, which could indicate a slow tire leak. A tire with no air pressure will wear out faster over time.

When you look at your tire you might notice the tread on the outer edges are worn down significantly. When a tire loses air, the air that’s left must support the weight of the vehicle and withstand the forces generated while driving. This increased stress can cause the tire to wear unevenly, affecting your car's overall performance.There are many things that may have caused this wear pattern, so be sure to get a professional opinion on where the damage might be coming from.

You Have to Fill Your Tire with Air Often

Frequent tire inflation before your daily commute on the Merritt Parkway is a red flag. If you find yourself having to make stops like this often, it's a sign that something is not right. You can fill that tire as many times as you want, but the problem will not go away without proper maintenance or repair.

Get your tire inspected at Wilton Auto and Tire Center

If you're browsing Google for "tire leak repair near me", your search ends here. At Wilton Auto and Tire Center, our tire experts can help you with tire inspections, maintenance and repairs; ensuring your tires are in top shape for a smooth ride. Even though we’re located in cozy Wilton, Connecticut, we take pride in serving the whole of Fairfield County. When you need to fix a flat tire in Fairfield, Danbury or New Canaan, our experienced team will provide a quick and effective solution to get you back on track.

Reserving your spot is easy: Call, text, or fill out our form online today! We’re here to help when you’re ready.

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