Secure After Hours Pickup

after hours key drop

Can't make it to the shop before we close?

Wilton Auto And Tire Center has recently installed a new, secure lock box, with the ability to safely, and securely, lock your Car, Truck, or SUV vehicle keys, for convenient after hours pickup. This, in conjunction with, and at the same location as our after hours Key Drop both in the same location, near our shop door entrance.

Vehicles have changed...

Vehicles have continued to evolve with new technology, where in years past, we simply would lock your key inside your vehicle (when you had a spare key to use at pickup). Newer vehicles now will not allow this to happen with the advent of Smartkeys.

We will continue to make changes to accommodate you, our Guests After hours secure pickup and drop off, loaner cars available, vehicle drop pick up and delivery. Our staff will make your visit a pleasant one! See our YouTube Video for a tutorial.

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Written by Wilton Auto and Tire Center