What Are Common Repair Concerns for BMWs?

BMWs are the highest selling luxury vehicle in the United States by unit. BMWs possess a level of power and handling that make them fun to drive, and while BMW's may have a higher price tag than your average vehicle, they are still one of the most affordable luxury car brands. However, luxury and performance do not equate to perfection, so what are some common repair concerns reported by BMW owners?

  • Overheating:  One of the most common concerns reported by BMW owners is their vehicle overheating.  While overheating can be linked to several causes, the two most often found in BMW's are coolant leaks and faulty water pumps.  If your BMW is experiencing overheating, be sure to have a trained automotive professional diagnose the source of the problem immediately as prolonged overheating can lead to severe engine damage and costly repairs if not addressed. 
  • Steering Wheel Vibration:  Many BMW owners begin to report feeling a vibration in the steering wheel when their vehicle reaches close to 75,000 miles.  The primary cause of this is a thrust arm bushing that needs replacement.  Thrust arm bushings are an essential part of the vehicles suspension systems that controls the transfer of movement from the wheels to the vehicle's frame.  Unlike most cars, BMW uses a fluid-filled rubber for their thrust arm bushings and as the fluid becomes drained from the bushing, the steering wheel vibration begins.  Fortunately, thrust arm bushings are easily replaceable and can be done by any mechanic specializing in European vehicles.
  • Tail Light Dashboard Indicator Illuminated:  It is common for a poor or failed bulb connection to result in the Tail Light Dashboard Indicator becoming illuminated.  This can occur over time as a result of corrosion or other factors but can easily be repaired by a trained automotive professional.

Even though BMW owners have commonly reported the concerns listed above, note that all of these issues can be handled by a well-trained auto repair technician who specializes in European car repair.

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Written by Wilton Auto and Tire Center