What Are Common Repair Concerns for Volkswagens?

Volkswagens are one of the most popular European car brands for two reasons:  affordability and reliability.  In fact, Repair Pal gave Volkswagen a reliability score of 3.5 out of 5 in its annual assessment, making it the 12th most reliable car brand of the 32 brands measured.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect automobile (yet), so what are some common repairs that your Volkswagen may need in its lifetime?  The top 3 reported repair concerns for Volkswagens are:

  • Check Engine Light Illuminated:  Numerous Volkswagen owners have experienced an illuminated Check Engine Light, even on their low mileage Volkswagens.  In many cases, the Check Engine Light is triggered by a faulty sensor or by a software problem in the vehicle's computer.  However, anytime a Check Engine Light is illuminated, it is imperative to have your vehicle assessed by an automotive repair technician to ensure that there isn't a bigger issue that could threaten your safety or result in costly repairs if ignored.
  • Oil Sludge:  Excessive oil consumption, oil leaks, and excessive heat leading to oxidation of the oil are all common "explanations" for why Volkswagens develop oil sludge in the engine.  However, the important takeaway is to make sure you have the oil changed in your Volkswagen at regular intervals and by a trained auto repair technician who will notice early signs of oil sludge build up.  It is important to keep the engine free of any oil sludge as it can inhibit performance of your vehicle and cause premature wear and tear on your engine.
  • Ignition Coil Failure:  An ignition coil, as the name suggests, plays a huge role in a vehicle's ignition system.  The ignition coil transforms power from a car's battery into a "spark" for the spark plugs.  Some Volkswagen's are designed in such a way that the ignition coil is connected directly to the spark plugs, unlike other vehicle manufacturers that use a part called a distributor as an intermediate step between an ignition coil and a spark plug.  It is this unique design that can sometimes lead to premature ignition coil failure in Volkswagens.  If you experience ignition coil failure, it will be quite noticeable as your vehicle with either fail to start or it could shut off in the middle of driving. Some Volkswagen owners have reported experiencing ignition coil failure as early as 70,000 miles.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your Volkswagen, be sure to have your vehicle checked out by an auto repair technician, and preferably one who specializes in European car repair.  At Wilton Auto and Tire Center, we are very fortunate to have an auto repair technician who specializes in European cars, so we encourage you to visit us at 658 Danbury Road, Wilton, CT 06897 for all of your Volkswagen needs.

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Written by Wilton Auto and Tire Center