Why Am I Required to Get an Emissions Test?

In 1977, Congress enacted the Clean Air Act, making the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) responsible for regulating emissions from passenger vehicles. While cars and light duty trucks are designed with emission control systems, regular aging and improper maintenance can increase a vehicle’s emissions over time.

The Clean Air Act is a Federal law covering the entire country, however, the EPA allowed states agency in regulating emissions but required areas of the country where air pollution levels exceed the national ambient air quality standards to develop improvement plans detailing how the state would control air pollution in the affected areas.  

Per the Connecticut Emissions Program website “every summer, Connecticut’s air exceeds federal health standards,” hence why residents of Connecticut can expect to have their vehicle’s emissions tested every year.

In addition to Connecticut, 8 other states require all residents to obtain an emissions inspection on all passenger vehicles registered to them and 22 more states require residents in specified regions (typically urban and suburban areas) to have their vehicles inspected for emissions.

At Wilton Auto and Tire Center, we are proud to announce that we have been selected and approved to be a Connecticut Emissions Testing Center and will begin performing Emissions Testing and VIN Verifications this Saturday, November 27th.  Call (203) 761-9541 to schedule your appointment today!

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Written by Wilton Auto and Tire Center