Why Does My Car Jerk When I Press the Gas Pedal?

No one likes when their car bucks, even if they drive a Bronco.  Fortunately, there is an explanation and a solution to your vehicles jerking, lurching, and bucking and it has to do with your fuel injectors.

Fuel injectors, which are located in the intake manifold of the engine, work with the throttle valve to make your engine run.  The throttle valve allows air into the engine whenever you depress the gas pedal while the fuel injectors simultaneously spray a mist of fuel which mixes with the air. This fuel and air combination then enters the combustion chamber and helps your vehicle run.  Over time, fuel injectors can become dirty or clogged, negatively affecting your vehicle’s performance.  A dirty or clogged fuel injector causes the fuel mist to spray inconsistently instead of continuously which can lead to your engine misfiring and subsequently your car jerking.  Additionally, improperly maintained fuel injectors can lead to poor gas mileage and dirty exhaust emissions.

At Wilton Auto and Tire Center, we recommend having fuel injection services performed as part of your regular preventative maintenance. During a fuel injection service, our trained automotive technicians will remove any build up in the nozzles of your fuel injectors.  Additionally, we will inspect the fuel lines, fuel rails, throttle components, and fuel filters as well as check to see if your vehicle’s sensors are performing correctly.

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Written by Wilton Auto and Tire Center