Why Does My Car Make a Rattling Noise?

car rattling noise

At Wilton Auto And Tire Center, we hear this question a lot. This could be an engine noise, or perhaps from your suspension when you drive over a bump in the road.   We will focus on suspension today. There are a lot of auto parts that make up your suspension, such as ball joints, tie rod ends, shocks and struts, and sway bar links to name a few.

What should I do when my car makes a rattling noise?

Always see your mechanic, at a repair shop near you. Explain in detail to your Mechanic:

  • When you hear the noise
  • How often
  • And where (part of the car) you think it is coming from.

This will assist your auto repair shop in locating the fault and recommend a repair or remedy

Why Should I see my mechanic when I hear a rattling noise in my car?

Some noises are simple, and somewhat meaningless, such as a branch stuck underneath, or perhaps a loose heat shield on the exhaust, which needs a clamp or bolt and poses no immediate threat or danger. BUT if a suspension component is worn or loose, this can lead to a serious safety hazard. In this case (see photo and video) A ball joint has separated, causing the axle shaft to separate, the fender to be damaged and the tire and wheel also are damaged, and all need to be repaired or replaced. This happened at a low rate of speed, but had this been on the highway, no telling how much more serious this could have been. If this noise was taken to a repair shop near me, simply the ball joint (w control arm in this case) would have been replaced, along with a  4 wheel alignment for roughly $375 vs. the $1800 estimate  currently once body work was figured in.


Conclusions for my car makes a rattling noise

By being maintenance minded, having your vehicle checked and repaired by your mechanic when you hear or feel something is wrong. A larger repair bill and jeopardizing the safety of your self and others could have been avoided. Always play it safe, and have your vehicle serviced regularly by a mechanic near me.

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Written by Wilton Auto and Tire Center