Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas?

Assuming you are not currently parked at a gas pump refueling, the smell of gasoline coming from your car should send you straight to a repair shop. Aside from the health risks associated with inhaling gasoline fumes, the smell could accompany some sort of damage or leak in your fuel system that could pose serious safety risks.

Best case scenario, you have a damaged or missing gas cap. While the gas cap may not seem like an essential part of your vehicle, it actually plays a major role in maintaining the pressure in your fuel system allowing it to function properly. To receive optimal performance from your vehicle, ensure that a functional gas cap is in place at all times.

However, the smell of gasoline could also be an indicator of more serious problems such as a leak in the fuel hoses or the fuel injector.

Fuel hoses serve as a pathway between the fuel tank and the engine. A damaged fuel hose will often make itself obvious by allowing gas to leak and form a puddle underneath your parked vehicle after usage. If you smell gas and see a puddle of gasoline forming beneath your vehicle, it is a good indication that your fuel hoses may need to be replaced.

 A leak can also occur at the fuel injector if one or multiple O-rings become deteriorated. O-rings serve as a sealant preventing any fluids or gases from escaping between the fuel injector and the engine. Replacing an O-ring is a quick and inexpensive process, but failure to do so can lead to gas leaking into the engine compartment which may result in a fire.

Since the smell of gas can be an indication of anything from a mild issue to a potentially life-threatening problem, we recommend scheduling a service appointment to ensure the health and safety of you, your family, and other drivers on the road.

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Written by Wilton Auto and Tire Center